Starting your 4-year education with a 2-year degree at Western Iowa Tech is a smart and affordable decision.

Understanding Transfer Credits

All students can take classes at Western Iowa Tech that will transfer to four-year colleges and universities. It is very important every incoming student meet with a Transfer Advisor before registering for classes to set up the best plan for their four-year educational goals.

Our Transfer Guides can assist in making your path clearer, however you should meet every semester with your Transfer Advisor to ensure there have been no changes in the transfer plan.

Get started by choosing a school to see what your options are for that school, or choose a degree to see what options you have to continue your education.

General Education Transfers

A student can transfer with a General Education AA degree in any pathway. Please contact your advisor to discuss this option.  You may need to take more courses at your transferring school if not following a pre-planned pathway.

Exploring Careers

Not sure what you want to do yet? Here are some assessments to help you find a career you'll love.

More information about the transfer process

Transfer Options

Choose from the top 13 schools where our students typically transfer, or choose a program and see which of these schools have a transfer pathway for that program.