Student Clubs and Organizations usually meet at regularly scheduled times and participate in various campus activities. Join a club or organization and get involved!

A Better You Club

A Better You Club is dedicated to educating others about different mental illnesses and how they affect lives. We also want students to know about resources available to help whether that’s on campus resources or off campus resources.
Every other Tuesday from 4-5:30pm in Room L304
Advisor: Jessica Comstock

Accounting and Business Club

Connects a network of peers and industry leaders in a fun and inclusive environment, supporting and motivating students to explore and seize opportunities that will catapult them into promising careers in the accounting and business fields.
Tuesdays at 12pm in Room A450
Advisors: Sandra Mueller & Jennifer McCune

Anime Club

The purpose of the anime club is to watch and analyze different genres of anime, Japanese animated film, and to explore Japanese culture. Club members conduct panels throughout the academic year to inform other of the art of Japanese animated film. Club members also explore and share, through panels, aspects of Japanese culture and history. The Anime Club members sponsor the annual Halloween Dance, help at other campus activities and attend Anime Iowa each summer.
Advisor: Helen Lewis

Education Club

The purpose of the Education club is to raise awareness of teachers as professionals, show how education is important as well as fun, and provide support to each other and others in the education field. By working with children by volunteering at the college and in the community, we will focus on issues that encompass the education field as teachers and students.
Advisor: Jennifer Weber

Inclusion Coalition

The Inclusion Coalition provides and open and accepting space for students from all backgrounds and walks of life. The focus of the coalition is to create activities that lend to the beauty we all bring with our differences and voices.
Advisor: LaShawna Moyle

LGBTQ+ Alliance

The LGBTQ+ Alliance club is a safe space for LGBTQIA2S students to gather. The club also provides education and awareness opportunities about issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. Anyone is welcome to join.
Advisor: Jennifer Hough

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The mission of the Muslim Student Association is to:

  • Provide a sense of belonging to Muslim students on the WITCC campus.
  • Provide education opportunities to the WITCC student body.
  • Provide services and unity to Muslim students on the WITCC campus.
  • Provide opportunities for community building between all students to make a better environment.
  • Provide answers to faculty, staff and students for any questions they may have about Islam.
  • Provide a club for Muslim students and any other student which encourages academic and social interactions.

Advisor: LaShawna Moyle

Nursing Club - Denison

To make the nursing program more accessible to incoming students and the community in general by providing: a mentoring program, performing community service, promoting wellness within the college. For nursing students we would like to create apparel, attend conferences, promote the nursing program. 
Advisor: Ashley Totten

Nursing Club – Sioux City

Provide service learning opportunities for students to combine theory, skills, patient education, and community service.  Provide community service opportunities in the Siouxland area and communities serviced by the College which coincide with the College’s and Nursing Programs’ missions. 
Nurses are naturally giving, caring, and compassionate.  We feel the Nursing Club helps students to fulfill these roles by providing services to our local communities and fulfill the promises of the Florence Nightingale pledge and philosophy.
Club Advisors:  Heather Badar and Jessica Thompson

Parent Support Club

Are you a WITCC student and a parent or caregiver? We know you have unique needs and challenges, and you are not alone! We will share challenges, struggles, resources, and victories that will encourage success at home and in the classroom. You belong here!
Tuesdays at 1pm in Room A450
Advisors: Jennifer McCune, Karina Pedroza, and Tiffany Holbrook

Police Science Club

Advisor: Gary Powell

Pushing Plumbing

The Plumbing Club is set set up to give students in our plumbing programs an opportunity to help people in need with their plumbing issues. This gives them hands-on practical experience, sheds light on the plumbing opportunities at WITCC, raises interest in the plumbing profession.
Advisor: Josh Elgert

Travel & Adventure Club

The Travel & Adventure Club meets to discuss travel and adventure opportunities, share experiences from prior travel, and make new friends! Students that travel develop the ability to think and learn about the world around them, creating more cultural sensitivity, compassion, confidence, independence, and grit.
Thursdays 12:10pm in Room A137
Advisors: Karl Stodden, Jennifer McCune

We the People

We the People encourages life learning and civic engagement. Some topics would include mindfulness, voting, free speech/assembly, fraud/scams, and mass incarceration. This would allow students to get an understanding of how the world works and how they can contribute to the changes of it successfully.
Advisor: LaShawna Moyle